Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities In Morocco . 

For travellers who want to actively explore Morocco, Earth Adventure offers outdoor experiences allowing our guests to get back to nature and experience the simple pleasures of life. We take our guests to hidden places with expert (and fully qualified) guides to immerse in the great outdoors, find their inner peace and leave with some amazing memories. Whether it’s Trekking along our beautiful atlas mountains or mountain biking, experiencing new heights rock climbing our amazing natural gorges, we have the adventure you are looking for.

Camel Safari

Experience the best of Morocco with our camel riding excursions. Whether you're looking to explore the desert, the coast or the city, we have the perfect tour for you.Our desert camel riding excursions take you on a journey through the vast sandy landscape, providing you with a unique perspective of the country's rich history and culture. Our expert guides will lead you on a journey through the desert, visiting traditional Berber villag...



You feel like off-roading? Morocco one of the stunning destinations for this kind of sports, almost built for off-roading with its endless sandy vistas of the Sahara and spectacular mountains waiting to be explored. It’s a wilderness unlike any other and it attracts thousands of bikers and 4×4 enthusiasts every year from all over the world.Extreme team decided to single out some of the best off-road activities, traveling in a group or...


Horse Riding

Best Horse riding Trails in Morocco  Want to explore Morocco like American cowboys did the Wild West? Rent a horse for a day or longer and embark on an adventure to unveil the mysteries of Morocco’s rugged mountain terrains and desert. Viewing the Morocco on the back of a horse is a great way to mix up your traveling. At your own pace, you will have an opportunity to be introduced to Morocco.Make friends with the Berber nomads...


Mountain biking

Mountain biking in Morocco is one of the most exciting activities one can do. While Morocco offers routes that that be conquered by any kind of rider, the High Atlas Mountains are known for being a daring joy ride for even the most experienced. Many of the climbs are up jagged and rocky mountainous routes and those descents can be dangerous for even the most experienced. Nevertheless, if this sport is your passion, then head to Morocco’...



One of the most popular activities in Morocco is hiking and trekking. While summers are prime hiking time, if you arrive before July, you will have most areas to yourself. Hiking season is between April through November.The High Atlas Mountains are comparable to hiking in the French Pyrenees or Alps and are recommend for experienced climbers. While this region is arguably the most beautiful because it has the least spoiled terrains in M...