Off-roading in Morocco

You feel like off-roading? Morocco one of the stunning destinations for this kind of sports, almost built for off-roading with its endless sandy vistas of the Sahara and spectacular mountains waiting to be explored. It’s a wilderness unlike any other and it attracts thousands of bikers and 4×4 enthusiasts every year from all over the world.

Extreme team decided to single out some of the best off-road activities, traveling in a group or independently, you have time for a several days journey or just a half day experience, we made it easy for everyone with the vast choices that you can chose. 

Sahara and Atlas 4wd Tour

If you crave an extreme, Adrenalin-packed getaway this tour combining the Sahara and the Atlas mountains is the one for you, We will explore the golden sand of the Sahara and its old towns and Kasabas, trace the borders between the Sahara and the Atlas and enjoy the incredible mountain scenery from our extreme trail route.


Agafay 2days Quad Raid

Agafay 2days Quad RaidQuad biking in the Agafay Desert near Marrakech is a popular activity for tourists visiting Morocco. The Agafay Desert is a rocky and barren landscape located just a short drive from Marrakech, and it offers the perfect terrain for quad biking adventures. On a quad biking tour of the Agafay Desert, you'll h...


Agafay desert quad experince

Agafay desert it is the best place for off roading sports due Its reg that extends over several hundred hectares, 30 km from Marrakesh and you'll have the opportunity to explore one of the best popular getaway in the city.Quad biking in Agafay it have its own charm, in this half day activity you’ll ride down trails featuring ari...


4WD in the High Atlas valleys

The excitement of 4WD tours is incomparable. Travelers seeking new adventures should try four wheel drive tours. Besides adrenaline they offer history and wilderness as well as culture.  We have 4WD trips ranging from our one day excursions out of Marrakech to our extended outback safaris.