Terms and Conditions.


    The following terms and conditions together with the general information contained on this website (Terms and Conditions) will form the basis of your contract with Extreme.ma (trading as ANFTO) (Operator) and will apply to all bookings via this website


    The Operator makes all arrangements for Extrem.ma, Anfto on the condition that it shall not be liable for any sickness, injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned, either directly or indirectly, by reason of any defect in any vehicle, vessel or aircraft, by weather, by any other cause, or through acts of default of a company or person engaged in conveying the passengers, or in carrying out arrangements for these activities. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance prior to your trip.

    By participating in this activity, you are expressly assuming those risks and responsibilities and are, to the maximum extent permitted by law releasing the Operator, its officers, employees, directors, agents and any other person associated with us, from any liability, claims, loss, damages or expenses (whatsoever and irrespective of whether direct, indirect or consequential) caused by any event including but not limited to: personal injury or death; property loss or damage; acts which may be construed as negligible or accidental; any other loss, damage, suffering, emotional or nervous disorder suffered by you or any other person in relation to this activity booked on or via this website. You accept that you have been advised to obtain adequate travel insurance for all persons named on the booking.

    In participating in the activity, the customer agrees to be bound by the following conditions:

    My successors, executors and administrators are bound by the Terms and Conditions;

    • I agree not to commence any litigation proceedings in any country in relation to the risks and liabilities set out above and to indemnify the Operator against any claims;
    • I confirm and warrant I am physically fit and suffer no medical conditions, which may affect my ability to participate in the activity;
    • I consent to receive medical treatment in the case of injury, accident or illness during the activity and to indemnify the Operator against any claims, costs or expenses in respect of the treatment;
    • I agree that any film, sound, video or other recordings taken of or during the activity will not be used in any production, or advertising without prior consent of the Operator, however the Operator may use such recordings itself at its complete discretion without any prior approval;
    • I agree to listen to my driver/guide/host, follow their instructions and make sure any children in my care do the same.

    Furthermore, the Operator will not be responsible for any personal injury and/or property damage caused by you and any costs for such injury/damage will be your responsibility. You shall indemnify the Operator in relation to such costs.


    Payment for your booking is required at 20% of the total price agreed at the time of booking and full price if your trip starts within the next 30 days (For certain tours, full payment must be received at the time of booking). You agree to make payment via paypal or deposit to our Bank name or a debit to your nominated credit card. The amount debited will be the amount shown in your Local currency or the currency on the booking page prior to you clicking "make payment" on that page and you will be charged the amount shown or converted to your local currency by your credit card company. Depending upon the currency of the booking, your credit card's currency and the country in which your card was issued, your credit card provider may impose foreign exchange fees and other fees in accordance with your arrangements with that credit card provider. We are not responsible for currency conversion or any fees imposed by your credit card provider and any questions relating to such matters should be directed to them.

    Refunds for bookings, based on our cancellation policy below, will be refunded to the nominated credit card used to pay for the original booking. All refunds will be made by us in Moroccan Dirham. If you paid by a credit card denominated in a foreign currency, the refund amount you receive in your foreign currency may not be exactly what you were charged at the time of booking due to changes in the foreign exchange rates, non-refundable or additional bank or credit card charges, or other factors. We are not responsible for currency exchange rate changes or conversion rates and fees imposed by your credit card provider or bank, and any questions relating to such matters should be directed to them. We accept no liability whatsoever for any loss that you suffer as a result of a difference in currency exchange rates, fees or otherwise in relation to the amount refunded.


    All cancellations must be made in writing and sent to info@extreme.ma or our address

    Cancellation fees for all Multi Day Walks are charged on the following basis per person:

    • Outside 90-60 days from date of walk departure: 20% of the total price agreed on;
    • Between 59-21 days from date of walk departure: 50% of full fare;
    • Within 21 days of date of walk departure: 100% of full fare

    Cancellation fees for all Day Walks are charged on the following basis per price agreed on:

    • Outside 24 hours prior to walk departure: No fee; or
    • Within 24 hours prior to walk departure: 100% of full fare.

    Cancellation fees for accommodation are charged on the following basis per room:

    • Outside 48 hours prior to check in date: No fee; or Within 48 hours prior to check in date: 50% of full room rate (including breakfast and dinner).

    The date and customer name, for which the walk has been booked, once confirmed by the Operator providing the services and activities described, is non-transferable.

    Private Room Cancellations

    The private room rate is a per person cost based on two traveller s sharing the room. If, for any reason, one traveller wishes to cancel but the remaining traveller does not, subject to the cancellation date and fees applicable at the time, the options are as follows :

    • If a refund is applicable on the cancellation date, then the room can be cancelled and the booking will be refunded to the party from whom payment was received, in accordance with our terms and conditions at the time of cancellation. The remaining traveller can either re-book into a multishare room or retain the private room by paying the private single room rate, subject to availability.
    • We can provide a cancellation letter to either or both travellers regarding the monies they have forfeited in accordance with our terms and conditions.
    • If a refund is not applicable on the cancellation date in accordance with our terms and conditions, then no refund will be paid to either party. The remaining traveller can remain in the private room. We can provide a cancellation letter to the cancelled traveller for their per person rate of the room.

    Extreme.ma is under no obligation to find a replacement for the cancelled party, nor can any part of the cancelled party’s retained funds under the cancellation policy be used to supplement any further payment required of the remaining party.

    In all instances where one party wishes to cancel and the other doesn’t,Extreme.ma requires agreement from both parties as to the options chosen above.

    The date and customer name, for which the walk has been booked, once confirmed by the Operator providing the services and activities described, is non-transferable.

    These cancellation fees are not negotiable, therefore we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.


    The Operator reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel any trip should weather or any other circumstance necessitate this. Once the walk has departed from the starting point, no portion of the package payment is refundable in the event of an individual or group being unable to proceed further on the track, for whatever reason.

    In the event that there are border restrictions in place in Morocco at any time on or after 1 September 2022 directly or indirectly as a result of COVID-19, the Operator reserves the right to cancel any booking made at any time where:

    • such booking was made from outside of Morocco, or the Operator has reason to believe that any person that the booking is for is not in Morocco; and/or
    • you have not provided the Operator with such evidence as the Operator reasonably requires to show that you will be legally entitled to be, and practically able to be, in Morocco on the date(s) of your booking.

    Where the Operator elects to cancel any booking in accordance with the above, the Operator will notify you in writing as soon as reasonably practicable, and provide a refund in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The Operator agrees to waive any cancellation fee that may be payable in these circumstances.


    Any unused portions(s) of a package is not refundable, except in instances where a component of the package is cancelled by the Operator due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, prior to departure by the Operator. We are able to provide excellent package rates to you by discounting some of the components within the package. Any refunds will be made on the discounted package price and not the full listed rate.

  • AGE

    Child prices for guided Tours apply to those 10-15 years inclusive. We do not allow children under 10 years of age on our guided walks or extreme activities. For families with childrens under 10 we have family packages that suit you . If you are over 70 years, please consult your doctor to check your physical fitness, prior to making your booking.


    Whilst we accommodate most notified special dietary requirements, sometimes we operate in an extremely isolated environment and this is not always possible.

  • traveller INFO PACKS

    On completion of your booking, you will be emailed a booking confirmation which will include a file to download your traveller Info Pack. This info kit contains important details about what you can expect, what you need to bring, what is supplied and where you need to be at what time. Please ensure that you read through this information thoroughly to ensure that you are adequately prepared for your walk. You are responsible for ensuring that you are dressed appropriately and you have appropriate footwear to undertake the walk.


    The Operator reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notifying customers. Any future bookings you may make will be made subject to the Terms and Conditions which apply at the time a booking is made and you are advised to read all the Terms and Conditions carefully on each occasion prior to making a booking.


    This website and all component parts, including these Terms and Conditions are governed exclusively by the laws of Morocco and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Morocco.